Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Furniture

On another note, My mom and I also went shopping at Buffalo on Saturday. It was a successfull day! I found old table and chairs, french county mirror for in the living room and a hutch that matches the table! good deals and sweet looking stuff. The occasional sales in Buffalo are once a month the second weekend. The stores are sort of antiquey stuff but a more french country kind of style than just assorted old stuff. I also got some old glass pop bottles to use as vases as a store called sweet salvage. It was a cool store full of old junk, that you never know where you might find it usefull. I want to go back next month and see if I can't find some end tables. My next mission. I also want to find an old cupboard door to turn into a chalkboard. They have this chalkboard paint that is pretty cool, so I could just paint the door. I want to use it as a memo board in the kitchen. It will go on my list of projects. But anyways I have not been feeling well so I need to go now to bed. such a busy week, new dog and now new house on friday. Later.

I became a parent...

Me and Kyle got a dog!! So I knew this shelter was going to be at Petco on Sunday, and I just wanted to go and see the dogs they had. Well I walked in and fell in love... Like o my goodness the little guys stole my heart... They had four little dogs there, 3 chihuahua's, and a little jack russel/italian greyhound mix. So I really like the little chihuahua's and they jumped up in the pen just asking to be loved. Before we knew it one of them got adopted (our dogs brother), so I asked to take the other one out. (two of them were 10 month old brothers and the other one was a three year old) We held him (my mom came with me) until Kyle could get there and I begged him to get the dog. We decided to do it, I guess you could say it was love at first sight... hes a hyper little dude, but very loving and cuddly. Hes staying at my parents until Kyle and I make the big move. He is just like a kid, watching him and letting him out... He is half house trained, a few accidents but that is expected.. Anyways he stole my heart, and I am officially in love... Here are some pics.