Monday, January 11, 2010

A tale of two chandeliers...

we bought two chandeliers this weekend. Yay! One for my craft room and one for the entry way. I hope to get them hung soon and have pictures. Here is a link to the one for the craft room.
In other news I also found a cute little curio cabinet for
the living room this weekend. The living room is coming along quite nicely now I just need those darn laminate floors.

And last I will leave you with my kitchen inspiration... White cupboards with butcher block countertops and beadboard backsplash, this project will come once the laminates are in..
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Friday, January 1, 2010

A quest for Shabby Chicness...

Now that the holidays are over I feel I can work more on decorating the house! I love decorating and well although we have lived here seven months now, weve barely gotten anything done on the house besides most of the painting. We painted the upstairs, except for the master. The office, which will be my future crafting room is painted a beautiful dark pink, the hallway upstairs and going down the stairs is a lovely shade of gray called vintage grey. The bathroom was also suppose to be a lovely shade of light gray called bay waves but I guess the paint swatches lie because it turned into a lovely shade of light blue, which at the time is driving me crazy because I a m realizing I cannot stand it because it is pretty much baby blue. I am going to repaint it a very, very light shade of grey, almost white. I just simply cannot live with the blue. And for the loft we chose to paint the one wall navy blue, one wall is cream because it is the same wall from downstairs and the rest extends into the hallway so it is vintage gray. Then the downstairs is all cream! A beautiful softened white. The only crazy thing is I decided to paint the downstairs bathroom a deep dark red. This does not go with the shabby chic decor and the lightness of the rest of the main level but I will make it work somehow.

So anyways my living room is starting to shape up. I feel I have finally found my decorating style. Something I would never have thought of myself actua lly. A love of all things old, tattered, floral, white, pure, and beautiful. A style called Shabby Chic. I find myself loving going to antique and thrift stores, seeing the beauty in offbeat treasures. Kyle and I just went friday and I found these:

And I found this little glass container:

And here is some more of my living room decor, we also have a hutch and a trunk we are repainting white and this spring once tax time hits I h ope to put in dark wood laminate floors and two chandeliers! One above the kitchen table and one in the entry way.

Well I need to get to bed so that is all I have to say for now... Happy New Year!